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Comprehensive AKT Question Bank

The central component of our UKMLA® study material is our AKT question bank. With complete content coverage, UK medical students and international medical graduates (IMGs) can prepare for the AKT exam with confidence. Our QBank contains realistic, exam-like questions to help you pass the first time, supplement your curriculum, and lay the foundation for a successful career in medicine.

AKT Resources Prepared by Experts

The level of detail and clinical expertise provided in each of our AKT sample questions and answer explanations is unmatched, which is why over 90% of US medical students prepare with us for their medical licensing exams. Our in-house content team consists of practising doctors to guarantee the information you receive is relevant, up-to-date, and explained in a clear manner.

Detailed and Visual Answer Explanations

Every practice question in our QBank is paired with a comprehensive rationale that explains the logic behind the problem and your answer choices. We walk you through real-world medical scenarios and discuss how to reach the best conclusion possible. To aid with learning and information retention, we include vivid imagery created by our talented team of graphic designers.

AKT Practice Tests

In our AKT QBank dashboard, you’ll see the option to create a test. From here, you can configure your mock test based on your study goals. We suggest starting in an untimed configuration with “tutor” mode engaged to show answer explanations. You can then work up to a “timed” exam environment and practise for test day.

You also have the ability to select how many questions to include, which subjects and systems to be tested on, and whether to include questions you’ve already tried.

Customisable AKT Flashcards

As you complete our question bank, you’ll be able to quickly transfer content from our questions and explanations into digital AKT flashcards. Simply highlight the text you want to use and modify it as needed.

In the “Flashcards” interface, you can create decks, organise and edit your cards, search for topics based on custom tags, and study. While going through your cards, our spaced-repetition technology will display cards you struggle with at a higher frequency to increase your retention of difficult concepts.

Digital AKT Notebook

As you study from our QBank, you’ll have the ability to transfer text and graphics into “My Notebook” by highlighting the material you want to use. This feature allows you to modify our high-quality content in a way that’s memorable for you.

In the My Notebook dashboard, you can create new AKT notes, organise your entries, and search for specific content based on internal text and tags. By using My Notebook while completing our QBank, you’ll end up with a comprehensive AKT guide written in your own words.

Fully Featured AKT App

Through the UWorld AKT app, users can access all of the study material and learning tools they use on their desktop on the go. All you need is an internet connection and smart device (i.e., tablet or smartphone).

Any progress you make on the app will automatically sync to your desktop interface, and vice versa. This makes it easier to fit your UKMLA preparation into your busy schedule.

Peer-to-Peer Comparisons

There are two areas where users receive peer-to-peer performance analytics in our AKT QBank:

  1. Immediately after answering a question, you will see if you selected the correct answer and what percentage of QBank users selected each answer choice.
  2. In the “Performance” tab, you can view your current percentile rank based on overall QBank performance.

These real-time comparisons are a great way to determine where you stand and gauge your preparedness for the UKMLA.

AKT Performance Tracking

There are three primary reports in the “Performance” tab:

  1. Overall - A high-level look at your QBank progress.
  2. Reports - A detailed look at your QBank performance based on subject, system, and topic.
  3. Graphs - A detailed look at your QBank performance by date and created exam.

By tracking this data, you’ll be better able to refine your study strategy based on past habits, remediate weaknesses, and optimise your review.

Previous Tests and Quizzes

The “Previous Tests” tab contains a complete audit of your created tests and quizzes. You’ll immediately see your score, the date you took it, your test mode, the number and type of questions, and the subjects and systems examined.

You can also name your exam forms, resume a paused test, check your results, and view a detailed breakdown of your performance by subject and system.

AKT Flashcard Progress

Once you’ve started to study with your flashcards, you’ll be able to view your flashcard statistics. They include how many cards you’ve studied that day, how long it took, and what your averages have been across time. The “forecast” line will display how many cards you need to complete in the future to reach your goals.

Based on these statistics, we recommend altering your flashcard study settings and strategy to get through your decks and fortify difficult clinical material.

AKT Exam Guide

To help UK medical students and IMGs understand the GMC’s Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA), we’ve written an exam guide for the AKT exam. Learn what to expect from this new medical licensing requirement as you work toward practising in the UK.

UWorld Medical Customer Support

To ensure you have a seamless study experience as you prepare for the UKMLA, we have a couple of ways to receive support:

  1. In the “Help” tab of your question bank, you can view FAQs or submit a ticket on the far-right side of your screen.
  2. Visit the Contact UWorld page for payment, subscription, content, or technical questions.

We’ll do our best to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner. Our office hours are Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST).

7-Day AKT QBank Free Trial

Experience the UWorld Medical difference free for 7 days, no credit card required! Try our unique product features and study tools, and see for yourself why over 90% of US medical students trust our exam prep.

Maximise Retention with Active Learning

Our resources are considered the gold standard of medical exam preparation because of our dedication to quality and active learning. When you learn by doing, you will retain more information in less time.

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