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Our philosophy is simple: When your practice feels like the exam, your exam will feel like practice. UWorld USMLE QBanks offer complete coverage of the real-world clinical concepts you need to know to pass.

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Actively practicing questions in a simulated exam environment is the best way to learn and retain information for test day.

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Each UWorld USMLE QBank features questions written in the style of your exam, from Step 1 MCQs to Step 3 CCS cases.

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All UWorld questions and explanations are written by practicing doctors to be highly detailed, yet easy to understand.

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See for yourself why 90% of U.S. medical students, and over 2 million students globally, trust our resources to prepare for their medical licensure exams. Toggle between Step 1, 2, and 3 questions below, submit your answers, and review comprehensive explanations

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UWorld Medical QBanks are designed to prepare you for your exams and career. From didactics and clinicals to residency and beyond, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Relevant USMLE Questions & Cases

Every sample question in your USMLE QBank is relevant to your clinical career. Whether a Step 1 MCQ or Step 3 CCS case, we ensure your material is aligned with your exam and reflects the latest medical knowledge.

A great example can be found in our Step 2 CK QBank, where overlapping shelf exam questions come presorted, allowing you to study for Step 2 as you tackle rotations.

Relevant USMLE Questions & Cases

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It can be difficult to find time to prepare for the USMLE. That’s why we made all of our QBank questions, answer explanations, and study tools accessible from the UWorld Medical app. Simply sign in with your account to get started.

Practice USMLE Questions from Anywhere

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, each UWorld Medical QBank adheres to the equivalent NBME content outline. By completing your QBank, you will have reviewed the clinical content required to pass your exam.
Yes, all UWorld Medical questions are written in the style of your exam. For example, Step 3 contains Computer-based Case Simulations (CCS cases), which we provide to help you prepare.
Our team of physicians recommends doing as many questions as you can reasonably accomplish early on (get acclimated with about 30 minutes per day), building up to 10-20 questions per day. The key is to take in the information and not overload yourself. The goal should be to complete two full passes of your QBank, once before dedicated study and once during it.
Depending on your QBank, you can expect to receive 3,600+ Step 1 questions, 4,200+ Step 2 questions, or 2,000+ Step 3 questions + 90 CCS cases. We also offer up to three self-assessments per exam (160 unique questions each) and separate biostatistics questions.
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