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Learn complex clinical concepts more efficiently with UWorld AKT flashcards. Through spaced-repetition technology, we show you cards containing content areas you struggle with at specifically-timed intervals to increase your retention.

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Personalise Your AKT Study Sessions with Flashcards

UWorld AKT flashcards are highly configurable, allowing you to supplement your own notes with
content pulled directly from our QBank.

Quick Content

Select text and graphics from our AKT QBank to include in your personalised flashcards

Retain More with Spaced Repetition

Our adaptive-learning technology tests your knowledge of concepts you struggle with at a higher rate

Enhanced Flashcard Browsing

Quickly find and review flashcards on specific AKT topics with intuitive tags and filters

Content Written and Updated by Practising Doctors

The greatest benefit of the UWorld AKT question bank comes from the high-yield content created by our team of expert clinicians. By including this material in your flashcards, and rewriting topics in your own words, you can maximise your exam-review experience.

Content Written and Updated by Practising Doctors

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Acquire the Benefits of Spaced Repetition

Acquire the Benefits of Spaced Repetition

Spaced-repetition technology has been shown to improve student learning outcomes by enhancing information retention and recall. Rate how well you understand the concept on a card, and our algorithm will adjust the frequency in which you see it.

Comprehensive AKT Coverage

As you work through our QBank, eliminate knowledge gaps by creating and organising your flashcards according to AKT content areas. You can then track your progress in each section as the date of your exam nears.

Comprehensive AKT Coverage

Stay Exam Ready, Even on the Go

Stay Exam Ready, Even on the Go

UWorld AKT flashcards are available through our mobile app. This means you can prepare and practise your flashcards from anywhere. Your progress will automatically save and sync across devices.

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Want access to more active learning features? Try our AKT exam review to help you pass the first time.

How to Get the Most Out of our AKT Flashcards

Incorporating detailed text and illustrations into your flashcards with spaced-repetition technology is among the most effective ways to learn and recall complex clinical scenarios. Below are our recommended best practices for using them.

The best thing you can do before starting your CPA Exam studies is to create a study plan. Set realistic study goals for what you want to accomplish each day, week, and month. Take into consideration the activities and events you have planned, as well as when, where, and for how long you’ll be able to study. Ensure you add time for flashcard review into your plan.
As you complete our question bank, you should be creating flashcards covering concepts you struggle with. Then, as you review your cards, you can track your progress with our flashcard analytics tools in addition to learning with spaced repetition.
Whenever you have some down time, we suggest flipping through a few flashcards. This will keep difficult AKT content top of mind, and allow you to approach it with fresh eyes. Even a few extra minutes every day will add up over time.
Digital AKT flashcards are the perfect study tool for busy medical students. They conveniently fit the format of your smartphone and don’t individually require much time to review. Even if you’re studying at home, their mobile-friendly format can offer a relaxing change of pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

UWorld AKT flashcards are fully customisable and designed to be used in conjunction with the UWorld AKT QBank. This allows users to create flashcards based on their needs, and with expertly produced clinical content.
UWorld AKT flashcards are an excellent tool to study for the AKT exam. By mirroring our QBank content, your flashcards will contain all of the information you need to know to pass the AKT exam in a mobile-friendly configuration. They also feature spaced-repetition technology to make your studying more efficient.
Yes, the UWorld AKT flashcard interface is fully customisable and allows students to transfer our QBank content into digital flashcards. We recommend creating flashcards by exam topics for more efficient review. Modify the text as needed and review them on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.
Creating flashcards as you read UWorld AKT answer explanations is a recommended way to study for your exam. Just as writing notes reinforces clinical concepts, so does creating flashcards.
Given the large amount of material tested on the AKT exam in addition to medical students’ limited time, preparing with flashcards can prove to be an effective, time-saving strategy. Reviewing clinical concepts in your free time will keep them top of mind, while spaced-repetition technology will fortify your understanding in weaker content areas.
While there is no set limit to the number of UWorld AKT flashcards you can make, we suggest that you only create as many cards as you need to understand each AKT content area. Your flashcards are only valuable if they are of high quality and you have time to review them.
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