Create Customisable AKT
Notes with My Notebook

My Notebook is an all-in-one digital notes feature that integrates with our high-yield AKT question bank. Effortlessly copy and compile UWorld’s gold-standard clinical study material into your notebook to review from anywhere.

UWorld AKT notes copied into the digital My Notebook interface

My Notebook Features & Benefits

Everything you need to prepare for the AKT exam can be available in a few simple clicks with our streamlined
note-taking solution.

Create Unlimited Entries

Master complex clinical concepts by creating as many unique notebook tabs and pages as you need

Personalise Your Notes

Copy our QBank content and customise your own notes with our advanced editor functionality

Navigate with Enhanced Search

Quickly find the content you need based on titles, internal text, and
custom tags

Quick Content Transfer

All of our QBank text and illustrations can be copied into My Notebook by simply highlighting key information and selecting “Notebook.” When My Notebook pops up, choose the most relevant tab and transfer the content in by moving your cursor on the page.

Quick Content Transfer

Build Your Notebook from Scratch

Build Your Notebook from Scratch

Creating a new notebook tab is as easy as clicking the plus sign (+) in the upper-left portion of your screen. You can then name tabs and add custom content from our QBank, your classes, or other study resources to better organise your notes.

Personalise Your Notebook

My Notebook is designed to be as user-friendly as possible to improve your study experience. You can add and reorganise unique tags for direct searching, combine and edit content, and customise your notes for better retention.

Personalise Your Notebook

A Convenient Way to Study

A Convenient Way to Study

My Notebook is capable of storing everything you need to know to pass the AKT exam on the go. All of your notes are saved and synced across devices, helping you to fit your AKT prep into your busy schedule. Download it today and take your personalised notebook anywhere.

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How to Take AKT Notes with My Notebook

Students who take notes as they review clinical content are shown to retain more information. As you complete our AKT question bank, fill in your digital notebook to reinforce important exam concepts and prepare for later review.

Frequently Answered Questions

We encourage you to create custom entries into My Notebook by using the UWorld AKT question bank as an outline. Our QBank covers everything you need to know to pass the AKT exam.
My Notebook, in addition to our other unique product features, is available through the UWorld AKT app. Your progress will automatically save and sync across devices.
My Notebook archives your content for one year following the expiration of your subscription. If you rejoin within that period, you can request access to your old notes.
My Notebook does not come pre-filled, as that would eliminate the benefit of you creating your own notes. However, our quick content transfer feature allows you to easily copy text and graphics from our AKT QBank into your notes.
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