Trusted USMLE® Self-Assessments
to Determine Your Readiness

UWorld USMLE self-assessments mirror what you’ll experience on test day by simulating your real exam’s interface, question types, difficulty level, and format. Determine your readiness and remediate weaknesses as you prepare for your exam.
Performance review screen from a UWorld USMLE Self-Assessment Test

Why Students Prefer Our USMLE Practice Exams

Alongside the NBME®’s practice exams, our USMLE self-assessments are considered by students to be the most helpful at gauging exam readiness. Our test forms are highly representative of the real exam, offer accurate score predictions, and deliver detailed score reports to help with remediation.

Simulated USMLE Interface

Our self-assessments look and feel like the real exam to build your familiarity with the testing software and boost your confidence.

Explanations for Each Question

Once you complete a self-assessment, we provide QBank-style rationales for each question to help you learn from your mistakes.

Comprehensive Score Reports

Your UWorld score report will contain an approximate 3-digit USMLE score, your relative ranking, and your results by subject and system.

Practice the USMLE’s “Block” Format

Each UWorld self-assessment features four 60-minute blocks with 40 unique MCQs per block. This is similar to Step 1’s 7 blocks, Step 2 CK’s 8 blocks, and Step 3’s 6 blocks on testing day one. We currently offer:

  • 3 Step 1 Self-Assessments
  • 3 Step 2 CK Self-Assessments
  • 2 Step 3 Self-Assessments

With multiple self-assessments per exam, you have the opportunity to measure your improvement over time and make changes to your study strategy.

Practice the USMLE’s “Block” Format

Review Why Answer Options
Are Right or Wrong

Review Why Answer Options Are Right or Wrong

After you’ve submitted a block, two reports will become available:

Test Results
  • See your score for that block compared to the average score of other UWorld users
  • Review your performance on each specific question, and read a comprehensive explanation for each question
Test Analysis
  • See a summary of your performance by subject and system
  • View your total number of correct, incorrect, and omitted questions

Understand Your Performance and Ranking

Once you’ve completed all four blocks, you will receive access to:

  • Take an overall look at your performance by subject and system
  • Compare your performance against that of other UWorld users
Score Report
  • View your approximate 3-digit USMLE score (based on historical UWorld data)
  • Review your relative strengths and weaknesses by subject and system
  • See how consistent you were when answering questions by subject and system

Understand Your Performance and Ranking

Try Our Proven USMLE Self-Assessments for Yourself

Practice until you're confident you're ready! Select your Step below and click on the “Self-Assessments” tab to purchase our leading USMLE practice exams individually or as a bundle. See why many students consider them to be the most helpful for passing the exam.

Get the Most Out of Your USMLE Practice Exams

While recommendations vary, many students choose to take between two and four USMLE practice tests to gauge their readiness and prepare for their exams. Here’s how we suggest using UWorld self-assessments to maximize their value.

See How Our Self-Assessments Help Students Succeed

Frequently Asked Questions

Our self-assessments (sometimes referred to as UWSAs) reflect what students can expect on their Step exams. We mirror the testing interface, difficulty level, question types, and format to offer a realistic measurement of your readiness.

For Step 1 and Step 2 CK, we suggest taking Form 1 early in your prep as a baseline measurement of your understanding, Form 2 in the middle or toward the end of your initial studies to identify weaknesses, and Form 3 during dedicated study as a final performance check.

For Step 3, we suggest taking Form 1 during the beginning or middle of your first year of residency, and Form 2 in the final weeks before your exam date to get reacclimated to the USMLE testing environment.

Each of our practice tests consists of four 60-minute blocks with 40 unique multiple-choice questions per block. This means that each self-assessment contains 160 USMLE-style questions with thorough answer explanations that can’t be found in our QBank.

Our self-assessments all feature four 60-minute blocks; however, you have the option to set your time limit to 1x, 1.5x, or 2x to simulate an extended-time accommodation. You can also pause the exam and return to it later as needed.

Many students and educators consider UWorld USMLE practice exams to be as accurate as the NBME’s practice tests at gauging true exam readiness.

Yes, we currently offer 3 self-assessments for Step 1 and Step 2 CK, and 2 self-assessments for Step 3. They can be purchased individually or in bundles by Step product.

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