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Take a detailed look at the USMLE review features available with your UWorld QBank. We make preparing for each step of the exam as convenient as possible.
UWorld Medical UKMLA® AKT study material in multiple formats: desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone

Comprehensive USMLE Question Banks

Our USMLE prep is built on the foundation of a comprehensive suite of question banks, designed for Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 3.

Each QBank contains thousands of exam-style questions tested in an interface that mirrors the real exam.

Our philosophy is simple: When your practice feels like the exam, your exam will feel like practice.

Trusted USMLE Preparation

All UWorld USMLE material is prepared by experienced doctors to deliver an up-to-date and thorough review of important clinical topics. Our attention to detail and comprehensive exam coverage is why over two million students around the world have trusted our resources.

Detailed Explanations & Visuals

UWorld USMLE answer explanations walk through medical scenarios presented in questions from the perspective of real-world physicians. Our team discusses the core of each problem and explains why answer options are right or wrong.

Professionally produced illustrations, charts, and graphs further elaborate on solutions to help you visualize clinical processes.

Biostatistics Coverage

Biostatistics and epidemiology are essential to reviewing research and the medical literature, and performing well on the USMLE. When you subscribe to any USMLE QBank, you’ll gain access to our complete biostatistics review. You can also purchase access separately.

Customizable USMLE Quizzes

Under “Create Test,” you can set up custom tests and quizzes from thousands of practice questions organized by subject and system.

  • “Tutor” mode displays our answer explanations after each question.
  • “Timed” mode provides a more exam-like experience.

Choose what to study and how to study it based on your needs.

Realistic Practice Exams

For a more formal testing experience, and to best gauge your readiness, we offer up to three USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 CK self-assessments per exam. Each one features four 60-minute blocks containing 40 unique multiple-choice questions.

When you’re done, you’ll gain access to explanations for each question, your ranking compared to other students, and an estimated USMLE score.

Active Learning With Flashcards

Our digital USMLE flashcards save you time as you prepare for your exam, and serve as the perfect complement to your QBank.

  • New! ReadyDecks* are premade and cover the most highly tested content on your exam.
  • SmartCards are fully customizable and allow you to quickly transfer content from your QBank into flashcards.

Both feature spaced-repetition technology to increase your retention and recall.

*Currently only available for Step 1 and Step 2 CK.

Digital Notebook

As you review your QBank, copy text and graphics into My Notebook to create personalized USMLE notes. By arranging content in your own words and pairing it with your classroom notes, you’ll end up with a comprehensive guide to the USMLE.

My Notebook is easy to configure and offers advanced search features to help you locate specific material during your studying.

Fully Featured USMLE App

Between classes, rotations, and residency, it can be difficult to find time to prepare for the USMLE. That’s why we made all of our study material accessible through the UWorld Medical app. All you need is an internet connection.

Prepare whenever you have some free time, and your progress will automatically save and sync across devices.

Peer-to-Peer Comparisons

See where you stand compared to other UWorld QBank users with real-time performance analytics. When you submit a question, you’ll be able to view what percentage of students selected each answer option.

You can also go to the “Performance” tab to see your overall percentile rank and average time per question compared to others.

USMLE Performance Tracking

In the “Performance” dropdown, you’ll find three tabs:

  1. Overall” offers a zoomed-out view of your QBank performance and total questions answered.
  2. Reports” breaks down your QBank results by subject, system, and topic.
  3. Graphs” displays your QBank performance progression by date and created test.

Together, these metrics enable you to track your performance, refine your study strategies, and remediate weaknesses.

Previous Tests & Quizzes

Under “Previous Tests,” you’ll find a full list of the quizzes and tests you’ve created from your QBank. If you paused a test, you can resume it here; if you finished a test, you can view your results at a granular level.

Overall, this screen offers a complete audit of your QBank performance, and an easy way to search for answer explanations you’ve previously reviewed.

Flashcard Progress & Stats

In your “Flashcards” tab, you’ll be able to check how many flashcards you still need to review, set personalized goals, adjust your difficulty settings, and view your study statistics (stats are tracked by daily study time, time spent per card, total flashcards reviewed, and more).

These features are available for both your ReadyDecks and SmartCards.

USMLE Exam Guides

To help you understand each step of the USMLE, we’ve prepared complete exam guides that cover the important details you need to know. For example:

  • What’s tested in each step?
  • How long is each exam?
  • When should I take them?
  • How are they scored?
  • When will I receive my results?

UWorld Medical Customer Support

To ensure your study experience is as smooth as possible, we offer a couple of ways for you to receive support:

  1. In the “Help” tab of your QBank, you’ll find a quick guide explaining “How to Use” your resources, a list of “FAQs,” and a “Contact” form to submit specific questions.
  2. On our website’s Contact UWorld page, you’ll find answers to payment, subscription, content, and technical questions. You can also send general inquiries.

We’ll do our best to respond to your questions as quickly as possible. Our office hours are Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

Maximize Retention with Active Learning

Our USMLE QBanks are built around active learning best practices to make your studying more efficient. Learn faster and retain more with the gold standard of medical exam preparation.

Free USMLE QBank Demo

Experience the UWorld Medical difference for yourself with 10 free questions per exam. Get a closer look at some of the features and study tools you can expect when you subscribe.

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