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It’s no coincidence that nearly all students who have taken the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) since 2003 have used UWorld to prepare for their exam. Since our company’s inception, we’ve pioneered a unique approach that has engaged students in active learning, distilled complex topics into understandable explanations, and simulated the exam better than any other resource. 

So what makes us different? Read on to learn more.

Active Learning Methodology  

We believe your participation in the learning process makes learning more effective.
Our questions will challenge you to integrate, rather than restate, the information you’ve learned in your classes and clinical rotations and will keep you actively engaged during your test preparation.

Focused Content

We break large topics into multiple smaller, integrated concepts that encourage progressive mastery and prevent information overload. Each question you encounter will focus on a single critical concept and feature a concise but content-rich explanation. Concept by concept, your foundation of knowledge will grow as you work your way through our comprehensive question bank.

Unique Images

We create every illustration in-house through collaboration between our medical illustrators and physician authors, and we source every pathology slide, clinical image, and radiograph from our extensive network of practicing physicians. Using UWorld means that your learning will be enhanced by powerful visual explanations not found anywhere else and your knowledge will be tested with distinct images not recognized from other sources.

Realistic Test Simulation

We feature case-based scenarios that match the style of the USMLE, an interface option that mirrors the one you’ll see on exam day, and questions that are at or above the difficulty level of the exam. When you study with our product, exam day will feel like practice.

Expert Authors

We employ and train the very best physician talent, individuals who have mastered the information they’re teaching, and have excelled in their medical exams. Our practicing physicians bring the breadth of medical specialties together into a tight-knit, on-site team who strive daily to better each other and our product.

Commitment to Quality

Each content item we create is rigorously reviewed by multiple team members to ensure that it is pertinent, concise, and understandable. We continuously update our product to keep current with changes in evidence-based medicine and standards of care, to reflect the subject matter tested by the USMLE, and to better serve our students in response to their feedback.

Student Focus

We recognize that it is an honor to participate in your education, and we pledge to deliver only content of the highest quality to assist you in your learning and exam preparation. Now more than ever, the world needs competent and caring physicians, and every day we root for you in the work we do.

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