USMLE® Feature Update: Creating a Test from the “Reports” Section

UWorld Product Update

New Feature

You can now create Subject- and System-specific tests from within the “Reports” section of the QBank. This update allows you to review your performance and quickly create a test based on Subjects or Systems that need improvement, without returning to the “Create Test” section.

Using the New Feature

From the “Reports” section of the QBank, you now have the ability to create a test by selecting the blue ‘Test’ icon. Selecting the blue ‘Test’ icon creates a test based on the chosen Subject or System.

Report Breakdown

You can further select to populate the test with questions that you previously answered correctly or incorrectly, or that you omitted.

Create Test from Reports

Please note: This new feature within the “Reports” section makes it easy to create a test with questions you have already seen. If you want to create a test with new questions, however, you will want to use the “Create Test” section.

How this feature can help you in your studies

  • Create customized tests
    You now have the ability to quickly review your performance and immediately create a test within a Subject or System that needs additional practice.

  • Save Time
    You don’t need to return to the “Create Test” section of the QBank to review previously seen questions. The blue “Test” icon within the “Reports” section saves you multiple clicks and precious time.

To start using this new feature, login to your QBank now!


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