Prepare Your Students for the UKMLA® & Beyond

Our new UKMLA Educator Learning Platform equips your instructors with innovative AKT resources aligned with the new MLA content map, and boosts student learning outcomes.

Prepare Your Students for the UKMLA® & Beyond

Trusted AKT QBank & Enhanced Performance Monitoring

We have supported millions of medical students around the globe over the past 18+ years and are eager to extend our commitment to UK medical schools. We’re dedicated to fostering robust clinical reasoning skills and empowering student success using evidence-based medical education resources.
The results? Improved learning outcomes and a confident
transition into clinical practice.

Student Success is our Priority

Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge clinical resources that help every student maximise their potential.
When you enter into an institutional partnership with us, you can have confidence in knowing:

Your Students Will
Understand the ‘Why’

Our questions and explanations are written by practising doctors and based on real-life clinical scenarios. We enrich our rationales with detailed imagery and comprehensive yet concise descriptions to ensure students have a sound understanding of why answer options are right or wrong.

Your Students Will Understand the ‘Why’

Your Instructors Will
Save Time

Your Instructors Will Save Time

Our dashboards and reporting tools provide insights into individual and class performance for faster remediation. We also offer item-level reports that contain valuable information for enhancing your programme and driving continuous improvement.

Your Students Will Have
Flexible Study Options

Our self-study AKT QBank features active-learning tools developed by experienced online educators. This includes customisable flashcards with spaced-repetition technology, a personalised digital notebook, individual performance metrics, and more. These features help students stay on track and increase retention.

Your Students Will Have Flexible Study Options

UKMLA Complete
Full Curriculum Coverage

Ask about our bundling options to bolster your curriculum in basic sciences and benefit from greater
savings on your programme’s purchase.
UWorld UKMLA Institutional 2-Year Bundle
UWorld UKMLA Institutional 3-Year Bundle
Our UKMLA Complete institutional bundles were created to cover all basic sciences curriculum and all AKT-specific subjects and systems. They’re designed to provide your students with a solid preclinical foundation as they move toward the AKT exam and beyond.

Institutional Partnership FAQs

Contract lengths begin at 180 days, with 360 days being the recommended minimum. We also offer multi-year contracts for 2-3 years. By extending your term, you will guarantee budget certainty and avoid future price increases.
UKMLA Complete provides dual access to our UKMLA and USMLE Step 1 QBanks through your instructor dashboard. The 2-year bundle provides 360-day access to each, while the 3-year bundle provides 730-day access to our Step 1 QBank and 360-day access to our UKMLA QBank. Both bundles include 2 USMLE Step 1 self-assessments for additional practice.
Our Learning Platform is designed to align your curriculum with the MLA content map, provide your instructors with high-quality AKT resources, help instructors identify student weaknesses for remediation, and prepare your students for the AKT exam.
Institutional pricing is available to any school or institution that purchases subscriptions on behalf of students for educational purposes and meets the minimum enrollment requirement. Enrollment requirements vary per institution and class size. Please contact a UWorld sales rep for more information at [email protected].
We offer bulk pricing discounts for purchases made directly by a school, program, or institution (typically for the entire class). Bulk pricing is offered for NEW subscription purchases with a minimum quantity per package. Please contact a UWorld sales rep for more information on minimum quantity requirements at [email protected].

A brief overview of the bulk purchase process is as follows:

  1. We provide an official quote for the quantity and duration that is requested.
  2. The purchaser provides an official Purchase Order and list of participating individuals.
  3. We process the order, and participating individuals receive a unique discount code via email.
  4. We provide a final invoice once the order has been processed.
  5. The purchaser remits payment per the invoice terms.
All recipients of a discount code from a bulk purchase must redeem their discount code within the stated deadline (30 days from code issuance). However, the subscription will not automatically activate once it is redeemed. The subscription can be activated at any time following redemption, with no deadline for activation.
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Renewal Instructions

  •   Please purchase a renewal using the "Renew" option from the My Account page
  •   To qualify for renewal pricing, course must be renewed before it expires
  •   All renewals are effective from the current expiration date and cannot be deferred
  •   Test information cannot be reset (deleted) with renewal unless eligibility criteria is met (see Help page)