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Flexible Clinical Resources for International Medical Students

The UWorld Clinical QBank is a self-study resource designed to supplement medical school curricula anywhere in the world. This is achieved by making subject and system classifications customisable based on regional medical education requirements. To date, over two million students globally have trusted our material to develop better clinical judgement, pass their exams, and succeed in their careers.

2,000+ clinical practice questions tailored to universal medications and requirements.
Active-learning tools shown to help students remember and apply important information.
Personalised performance reports to identify weaknesses and optimise your study plan.
Fully integrated mobile app that can be accessed anywhere you have internet access.

Is the UWorld Clinical QBank Right for You?

No matter your country’s licensure requirements, our research-backed learning tools empower students to maximise their potential as medical professionals.

Practise with Real-Life Clinical Scenarios

The UWorld Clinical QBank consists of 2,000+ questions written by practising doctors to be as realistic as possible. Updated based on regional requirements, these questions will reinforce your course material, help you pass your medical exams, and show you what to expect in your career.

Practise with Real-Life Clinical Scenarios
Learn to Think Like an Experienced Doctor
Learn to Think Like an Experienced Doctor

Each practice question is paired with a detailed explanation that walks you through the problem as a whole, and why answer options are right or wrong. For a more immersive experience, these comprehensive rationales feature vivid illustrations, charts, and graphs.

Personalise Your Review for Enhanced Retention

To increase engagement and retention, our Clinical QBank comes with active-learning tools that allow you to study in a way that works best for you. This includes a customisable digital notebook and flashcards that integrate directly with the QBank, all of which can be accessed from anywhere with the UWorld Medical mobile app.

Personalise Your Review for Enhanced Retention
Remediate Weaknesses with Advanced Reporting
Remediate Weaknesses with Advanced Reporting

As you complete QBank questions, you can track your progress by subject and system to assess your understanding of essential clinical concepts. View peer-to-peer comparisons, eliminate knowledge gaps, and turn weaknesses into strengths.

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Become a Student Ambassador

Our UWorld Medical ambassador program gives students the opportunity to promote UWorld products on campus and through social media in exchange for exclusive subscription discounts and referral program commission opportunities. Here’s how it works:

What You'll Do
Tell your classmates about group savings opportunities
Strengthen relationships with student organisations and leaders on campus
Distribute materials and information about the UWorld Clinical QBank
Represent the UWorld Medical brand and mission
What You'll Get
Special product discounts
Referral program membership
Chances to win access to UWorld for your fellow students & residents
Custom webinar opportunities for you & your classmates

Frequently Asked Questions

The UWorld Clinical QBank focuses on clinical material doctors around the world need to know to safely and effectively practise medicine. It features a research-backed, active-learning methodology shown to improve information retention and recall.
The UWorld Clinical QBank is not aligned to a specific licensing exam blueprint, but can be customised based on regional medical education requirements.
The UWorld Clinical QBank was designed as a curriculum aid and general medical exam prep resource by our team of practising doctors and clinical education experts.
Yes, every aspect of the UWorld Clinical QBank was created to be accessible via the UWorld Medical app. Any progress you make will be saved and synced across devices.
Trial users receive 25 practice questions and explanations to get a closer look at the quality of our material. This trial lasts for 7 days, and does not require a credit card to activate.
The UWorld Clinical QBank draws from the expertise we’ve developed after 20 years of data-driven product innovation, and our intense focus on quality. Roughly 90% of all U.S. medical students, and over 2 million students globally, have trusted our resources to improve their clinical knowledge and skills.
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